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  • Andrew

RPS Composition Prize '21/22 and Commissions for Cheltenham Festival

I am really thrilled to announce that I have been selected this year as a Royal Philharmonic Society Composer, alongside my fantastic colleagues Lucy Armstrong, Rylan Gleave, Alex Ho, Zakiya Leeming, and Sarah Lianne Lewis.

The RPS Prize / Composers Programme is a long-established, prestigious career development opportunity specifically tailored to emerging composers, replete with masterclasses, career-advisory sessions, mentorship, and culminating in a brand new commission from the RPS itself. This year, each of us has been paired with one of the RPS's partners; I will be writing a new work for the Gould Piano Trio to be premiered at Cheltenham Music Festival 2022. It goes without saying but I'm absolutely stoked for it all and it's a real privilege to be a part of everything!

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