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New article publication in TEMPO (Cambridge University Press)

Have had to keep this one under wraps for a while, but very excited to share that I've written an article for TEMPO journal, one of the UK's leading academic journals dedicated to new music. The subject matter is quite similar to what I'd written previously for RCM Research Online, and expands on it in a few ways.

The title of the paper is Voice Without Speaker: Human Speech Synthesis in Acoustic Instrumental Contexts. You can read it here:

A massive thankyou to Christopher Fox, editor of TEMPO, for his guidance through the process. I also want to pay tribute to the late Clarence Barlow – whose 'synthrumentation' was a major impetus for this project, and whose generosity in correspondence and reading my writings cannot be overstated. I feel lucky to have had those conversations with you, and your work, knowledge and kindness continues to be an inspiration.


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